Carolina Core Wellness Art Exhibit

February 10, 2023 through March 10, 2023

Current works available for purchase. Contact me at to arrange purchase and make shipping arrangements, if necessary.IMG_3097

“YumYum DumDums”
Inspired by candy treats at my Granny’s house.  She always had a bag of Dum Dums on hand when I was a kid.  Small, kid-size lollipops.
Framed $150


Inspired by the candy we would bring in to class for everyone on Computer Science Days. We took turns buying a bag of “treats” at Smitty’s on the way to school.
Framed $125

“McD’s Sundaes”
Inspired by the sweet treats of childhood from McDonald’s–Caramel, Chocolate, AND Strawberry. When simple pleasures meant so much.
Framed $125