Sweet Treats Study

I love painting my favorite candies from childhood. It takes me back to the days when we’d hop on our 10-speed bikes and ride up to the local drugstore, Leonard’s. It was the old school drug store with a soda fountain. I miss those places. You could get lunch and an orange aid. What I really remember was this “wall” of candy. I am sure it was much smaller than I remember, but I remember it being just a giant section of sweet delights. We could get a $5 bag of candy that would last the whole school week. You know, it was full of Now and Laters, Sprees, KitKats, and Sweet Tarts. Blow Pops and Nerds. Always trying to find something new to try, too. I will age myself by saying candy bars used to be a quarter.

By middle school, we were splitting our money between candy and Tiger Beat Magazines so we could collect every single photograph of Duran Duran ever taken. Seems stalkerish, but it was real. We’d also save quarters for the video games at Fast Fare. I still want a Centipede machine for the house. I have no place to put it, but I can dream. For now, we have these SWEET new pieces.

Acrylic on Paper. $85 each, unframed