I’ve never been one for trendy, but I do love to be social. I am stepping so far out of my comfort zone right now, I feel like I’m naked on stage. This past week I decided that it’s time to share more of what I love. I am jumping into the YouTube circuit to share my work and my processes in creating my art work.

GASPS everywhere (but mostly from me).

This took a little bit of research and whole lot of content creation! I definitely need to up my content creation game to be consistent and successful. This also means that I need to get a bit more organized and focused on my goals. And, I needed a new gadget for my office to hold my phone while I create. Hello, Amazon.

The stage is set and I am almost ready. Last weekend, I put out a little dress rehearsal, too. Now, it’s time to invite you to join me!

Find me HERE on YouTube. BE sure to like and subscribe!!

And check out my first SHORT!

See you soon!



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