The Reward of Consistency

It doesn’t really matter what you do in the world, the key to success in ANYTHING is consistency. Sure, I’ve always known that to be the case. When I was in high school, if I wanted to be a better soccer player, I had to show up and practice ALL THE TIME! If I want to be a better leader, I need to ‘practice’ being a leader–and lead by example. If I want to be a better artist and grow my business, I need to show up every single day to create.

This doesn’t mean that all of my free time is encompassed by painting and drawing and constantly creating. What it means is that I must mindfully show up to my studio ready to create something every day. I know it sounds crazy to create something new every day, but it doesn’t have to be massive or time consuming to get in the habit of creating something new every day.

I began October with the mindset that I would take 30 minutes every day to be creative. Whether I am actually drawing and painting or coloring, I am taking that time to show myself this is important to me. Important enough to do every day. I started by enlisting others to join me. I provided a list of daily prompts to use so there was never a day where “nothing came to mind” so I’d skip it. And do you know what? It’s working!!

The craziest part of this work is that I have begun to see a children’s book emerge from my art. First the pictures and the characters and then…..the story. And even while I type now, I began to envision another story around winter time.

You never know what will come from your consistency, but you can best believe it will be success in honing your skills and seeing your future unfold as it was always meant to be.

See you soon!



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