Taking Time to Create

The one thing I have learned in my years as an artist is that you have to make time or you won’t take time. This is especially true when being an artist isn’t your first priority/job/career. My art has always been more of a hobby. One that I love and enjoy; however, when I’m busy or tired, art gets the backseat treatment over and over again. When I get in a rut, it’s sometimes difficult to get out of it. Now that I am working harder to make art my first priority, it’s even more pertinent that I MAKE time to create.

This month, I created a private Facebook group for established artists, aspiring artists, and those who just want to sit down and piddle around and see where their creativity takes them. It’s for anyone needing a little encouragement or inspriation.

I created 31 days of prompts and coloring pages. So far, I am having the MOST fun. I also think I am creating illustrations for my first children’s book. I didn’t realize it at first, but it seems to be coming together in artwork! It’s amazing what we can come up with when we take 30 minutes every day to be creative.

If you’re interested in join the fun….mid way or next week, you can join HERE! I plan on keeping the fun going and including a few art classes, too. I’m self-taught and if you want to learn, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and stay in the know!!

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