One month in and I am learning a lot.

Sugar. First and foremost, I love not having sugar cravings and not being hungry all the time. Don’t get me wrong, my hormones still play a part in those days that I can’t seem to eat enough and I just make sure that I’m eating on program without a binge on junk. I don’t miss sugar. I have felt my absolute best without sugar.

Bread. I am having a hard time getting over bread…for the most part. I miss it. I can’t lie about that because, well, bread. I miss eating a sandwich, toast, the bun on my burgers. Not that I was a big sandwich eater, but I miss bread. Bread makes things convenient.

Alcohol. I find that even though you can have a drink on Keto….it is in your best interest not to do so. I had a few drinks on Friday night. Before realizing I hadn’t eaten since lunch, I was real drunk. I hate being out of control like that and I hate not being able to function with clarity. The biggest problem is that you don’t realize you’ve had too much until it’s too late. I’ve also discovered my body is not a fan of alcohol and have recently started having some allergic reactions even to one beer. I can’t say I am surprised. People typically find food allergies when it’s cut out for a while and then introduced again.

Chicken. I have found that I prefer red meat. I have no desire to go all carnivore. I’m shocked people can eat that way. It makes my stomach turn thinking of it. I have found that I don’t mind chicken, but I prefer beef. Steak and ground beef in particular. I am trying to incorporate some chicken and even seafood, but I always go back to beef.

Fat. I cannot seem to get enough fat without eating too much protein. No matter what I do, I seem to always need protein with my fat. I guess that means I need more butter. I don’t know. I’m still trying to work it out.

Weight. First month, I lost 7 pounds. I am not complaining, but Naren has been doing it for 3 months and he’s 30 pounds down. He looks amazing. I know….he’s a man….he can lose it faster. He also does intermittent fasting like no one’s business and never misses his walks. I’m not that strict with myself and that’s okay. I’m keeping my eye on the big picture…..and that’s to be healthier by April when we get married.

And on that note, I have decided to go back to what I know works….Weight Watchers (WW) now that I have my motivation back. I really think my scale is stuck because I’m just eating too much. I know it sounds crazy, but some of the Keto gurus out there will tell you that you still need that deficit in the calorie department to lose weight. I think they are right. I also think we are all different and we have to do what works for us. I am going to take my healthier habits and add them to WW. I’m using Stevia and Swerve instead of Splenda. It’s really more about being healthy than being skinny. That shipped sailed years ago. Being healthy is what matters to me today.

I am currently tracking my Keto on the WW app and I can tell you, without adding my dinner yesterday I was at 25 points. My daily is 23 +5 dailies, if I want them. Ended up over 30. So, my thoughts on “too much” are right on schedule.

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