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PFJ – Two Months Later

So, I truly wondered where I would end up after Plastic Free July. Would I go back to my old ways or would I be more conscientious of my plastic use and make a REAL effort to keep single use plastic to a minimum? Honestly, I’m still making progress. More of a two steps forward, one step back, but still….PROGRESS!

First of all….I used up all of my KCups for my morning coffee. I am now officially brewing coffee with a reusable filter in my coffee maker. I also have a reusable filter for my keurig, but if I’m having more than ONE cup, it’s easier to brew a pot.

Next, I’ve given up the straw everywhere except CFA. I’m working on dropping that big red straw and trying to remember to take a refillable cup. Over the weekend, I put out a suggestion/request to CFA to create a Yeti-type cup that’s white with a big red chicken on it. I know some of you think this is just one more cup, but I eat at CFA on the reg. Like, I don’t go anywhere else. I am not a Starbucks person. I am very rarely out ordering drinks, so I’d like to have a CFA cup that I can use at my home CFA and on my travels up and down the east coast. Most times now, I’m taking a water bottle and skipping the drink all together unless it is served in a reusable glass. I also never go to a drive thru. It’s just not worth it.

It’s time to look for more sustainability in everything. It’s time to stand up to the things that are destroying our world….like single-use plastics. Convenience has become the American way and it’s making things worse globally. It’s time for a change. Have you started making any changes yet??

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