Well, we all know that I am currently doing Keto, but I have full intentions of phasing back to WW when I hit the 10 pound mark. This week, I am steadily holding the 7 pounds down. I can’t complain. SEVEN in 4 weeks is great. I feel good and my clothes fit better. Honestly, I think a lot of it is water weight and reduce inflammation from giving up sugar.

So, about that inflammation….I discovered over the weekend that my body isn’t crazy about beer. I had a beer on Saturday. Just one. A good one. A nice sour. I’m sure the last of the season. It didn’t hurt on the front end, but it did make me feel yuck the rest of the day. So….there’s that issue. On Sunday, we took CP out for his birthday (I cannot believe he will be 15). We went to Outback. In the past, I have noticed that there are preservatives used, especially on their vegetables, to keep things fresh. Well, guess who’s body HATES preservatives? Me — Raises hand with an ‘oooo, oooo, Mr Kotter!’ ferver!! We weren’t home from lunch 30 minutes when my body revolted and I have been bloated ever since. Not enough water in the world to get that bloat down so far, but I’m still guzzling away. UGH.

Nothing like being FIRST at Outback on Sunday morning!

What I have learned eating cleaner is that my body really doesn’t like certain things and now that it’s “cleaner,” won’t tolerate it. It could be a curse, but I kind of like knowing my triggers and what to avoid…..even if it’s hard to avoid them. I learned a while back that I can’t really tolerate Bud Light or any domestic beer. I power through sometimes, but Tito’s is about the only thing I can tolerate. Well, and high-dollah tequila.

This week has been full of steak for some reason. I might be iron deficient because I have yet to say….bring me some chicken. I’ll take red meat any day of the week.

I mentioned last week that we finally bought an air fryer. We haven’t used it too much, but we did enjoy chicken tenders and cheesy biscuits (made with almond flour). We made a lot of them and they are gone now. Man, were they good! The tenders were awesome, too! Can’t wait to try more recipes soon. Look…it’s my first ever, healthy, brown meal!

For now, I am still addicted to the Chaffles. They are my go-to because they are SOOOO easy. I am experimenting with savory and sweet ones. Stay tuned for more on those experiments…if I can ever remember to snap a pic before I scarf them down!

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