At the beginning of the summer, I began to dabble in Pet Portraits.  Well, let me be honest, Dog Portraits.  I was asked by 4 Dog Kitchen if I would be interested in doing dog portraits for them if they opened a store front.  Fear said maybe, but I love dogs–I have TWO–and I wanted to do them.  I asked if I could practice them and immediately did a quick giveaway on my Instagram to five lucky winners.  I wanted a mix of dogs and not just my girls to practice.  I had painted my girls in watercolors, but I wanted to dabble in acrylics and find something new.  Something that was my signature style.

It wasn’t long before I found DB Grove Art on Instagram.  I found her use of palette knives intriguing….not to mention she is super nice and supportive.  She encouraged me to give it go and I did.  I wasn’t sure at first if I liked it or not.  It takes a bit of paint, but the texture is worth it!  I didn’t like it at first and thought…this is bust.  Then I remembered the artist rule…..walk away.  Come back later.  I went to be and when I looked at it the next day, I was excited.  I saw it for what it was and not for everything I kept thinking it wasn’t!

So, I moved on to my next one.  My friend, Beth, has two dogs, so I let her send me both.  She said pick what you want….well, I wanted both.  They were completely different and both were black.  Black in itself was a challenge.  But one with super-wispy hair?  Challenge accepted.  I just finished these this past week.


I think I have found my style for portraits.  I love working with the acrylic on canvas boards.  I like the firmness of the board rather than the wrapped canvas.  I love blending the colors to find just the right look.  I also love the bright and colorful backgrounds.

I will be taking commissions for Pet Portraits for the holidays beginning September 1 through October 31.  Home Portrait commissions for the holidays are currently open thru September 30.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Lauren Brown

    How much??? I’d love a Portrait of Bella. Lauren

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