Welcome to Fun Fact Friday!  A quick segment to learn a bit more about me and what inspires me.  Lately, I have found inspiration in my fellow artists and creatives.  Being inspired or encouraged by another artist can help with the fear factor of putting yourself out in the world.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  When I realized that I was not in competition with anyone but myself, it freed me of the fear of being good enough.  My work isn’t about being good enough.  My work is an extension of me what I share with the world.

There are so many fabulous artists that inspire me. The ones that really inspire me are the ones that get it.  They want to help the up-and-coming turn their passion into a career.  I see it a lot.  I follow a lot of successful artists and the ones who are constantly sharing and giving creative nudges are the ones I love the most.  Here are a few links to the Etsy sites of my favorites.  These are by no means all of the artists that inspire me, but just a few that I have connected with and bounced ideas off recently.  A great tribe, if you ask me!

I love the creative tribe I’m creating and supporting.  I prefer to work with other artists, support other artists, and continue to grow my circle of creatives.

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