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The Candy Man Can

Last week, I spent some time trying my hand at some Pop Art.  I am draw to the natural happiness that comes from Pop Art.  The bright colors, fun subject matter, and the overall feeling of nostalgia it often generates.  Also, that it is the perfect style to push the envelope!

Candy Bars

For me, I’m often inspired by things from my childhood.  Remember my Schwinn bicycle inspiration?  As a child, we would jump on our 10-speeds and ride up to Leonard’s Drug Store (or Leonard’s for short).  Leonard’s had a soda fountain and a full rack of candy.  For $5 or less, you could walk out with a giant bag of candy and a fresh-made orangeade.  Now and Later’s, BB-Bats, Cow Tails….all the nickel candy you stuff in a bag.  If you had spent the weekend babysitting, you might even splurge 50 cents on a full size candy bar.  I drew from this inspiration for my Junk Food study.

I love how they turned out.  I hope to have a show for all of my new pieces in the late spring of 2019.  In the meantime, these items will be for sale in my shop on the website.  Or contact me directly for a personalized, commissioned piece.

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  1. The subjects are picked well and visualisation is great! You should charge more imho

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