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Fun Fact Friday – the Hurricane

I’ve spent the last few days bracing for Hurricane Florence to hit the North Carolina coast. By bracing, I mean, making sure I have the essentials….Tito’s.  I am a consummate planner.  I already have batteries, candles, water, and food.  We are pretty far inland but its not unheard of to have wind and rain damage here.  We’ve been through it with Fran and Hugo when they rolled through the entire state of North Carolina.  In the grand scheme of the size of a hurricane and the size of the state, no one is in the clear.

Thursday morning brought good news, though.  Flo had been downgraded from a Cat 4 to a Cat 2.  I’ve been through a Cat 1 that made landfall south of Myrtle Beach, a tropical storm that came ashore in October of 2002 around Pawley’s Island, and even Hurricane Bob that skirted up the eastern seaboard in 1991.  Only one of which I stayed overnight in a shelter.  Hurricane Fran barreled through NC and I noticed so little (except loss of power) that I got in my car and drove to Raleigh for the State Debutante ball.  When I arrived, my parents were checking out and heading home.  This was long before we all had cell phones.

I live a 3.5 to 4 hours from the coast, but we all know the fury of the storm.  So today, we wait.  What will she bring us in the triad?  Rain?  For certain.  Wind?  Probably.  Mass destruction?  Not likely.  Time to create and paint?  Absolutely!  I’m working on a grouping called Provisions.  Here’s a sneak peek.

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