In the studio this week, I have been working on a few gifts for close friends and family. This is one of the things that brings me joy when it comes to sharing my work. It’s when I can create something for someone I know they will love.

Two of my closest friends share a birthday at the beginning of March. It’s just five days after mine. For the past 20+ years we have celebrated together…good, bad, and sometimes ugly. No matter what, we always have fun. This year was no exception. I was able to surprise them with watercolors from Paige’s wedding last spring. I had first created the design back in December when I was playing around with a 2018 year-in-review piece. At the time, Paige had mentioned how much she loved it, but it was just a doodle on a larger page with other fun things that had happened in 2018. I knew this would be a great gift for them.

I think this makes a great gift for good friends. It’s personal and definitely from the heart. We’ve been through a lot together and through it all, we’ve always stood together, as close as we can to hold each other up. This is a true friendship!

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