What motivates you?  Do you find that there are days you have motivation to get it all done?  Are there other days you’d like to pull the blanket over your head and stay in bed?  I am a morning person by nature  I am up early and enjoying my time alone with the dogs and my coffee.

Lately, I am finding myself motivated by other artists and creatives.  There are days I’ll get on YouTube and watch countless videos about people who are doing what they love.  Doing what I love as a job/career/life is what is motivating me right now.  I have set the goal to TAKE ACTION this year to get where I am meant to be.  Last week, I watched several videos.  First, my favorite new YouTube channel is Influencing Artists with Jenna Rice.  Jenna creates art, interviews other artists, and she is in my art community in Greensboro.  I absolutely love this channel and you need to check it out.  It’s amazing and I get a lot of inspiration from it.

Another favorite channel is Casey Neistat.  I’ve been watching him for years and I really enjoy what he puts into making these videos.  A real, down-to-earth guy.  Last week, I watched a video from Casey Neistat where he met Tony Hawk.  Tony Hawk is amazing and he lives the life he wants, doing exactly what he loves.  If you don’t know who Casey Neistat is (or Tony Hawk for that matter), you must live under a rock.  Casey is an amazing entrepreneur with an amazing entrepreneur wife, Candice (She owns Billy!).  Still don’t know?  Google them.  Anyway, I get a lot of inspiration from people who are doing what they love and encourage other creators to work hard to get to do what they love.  Here is the link to that Casey/Tony video.

My motivation is what is keeping my pencil to the paper.  My brush to the paint lately.  When I have a lot of ideas, I tend to feel overwhelmed.  So, I’m trying to balance that out with motivational videos.  What are your go-to’s for motivation?

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