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What I’m Working On….

Breaking the social media habit to gain my time back to put into my LIFE. Just typing that out caused me to deeply exhale. Whhoooosshhh.

I know this sounds insane. I just talked about all the marketing research I’ve been doing, but my goal for this month is to get OFF Facebook by March 31, 2019. There it is. My goal. I know it’s just as easy as a delete, but I have had to talk myself into it from an art business point of view. And I don’t mean just delete the apps or take a break. I mean, DELETE THE ACCOUNT. I have already put in motion the downloading of my footprint. Go ahead and look for me on Instagram NOW, if you want follow my work after the end of the month. Quick Link HERE.

My motivation and inspiration continue to come from my childhood–what a surprise! I go back and forth between the 70’s and 80’s. This week has been all about the 80’s and taking on my vibration….

I have been drawn to more abstract work this week. Painting from my soul rather than creating something precise. This is one (above) of two sets of paintings I have been working on this week. This screams Esprit de Corps to me. It takes me back to middle school when I had paint splattered Esprit pants and I was still the quirky girl who had traveled abroad and wanted to express myself through what I wore and what music I had on my walkman. Man, I loved those pants!! Heck, I loved all things Esprit and basically lived in those clothes through middle school.

This Jackson Pollock inspired work is really messy for me. I am not particularly fond of messy. So this has been really outside of my comfort zone. The more I have played with it, though, the more comfortable I have gotten. I actually had a lot of fun. The second set I created, I threw paint to music and THAT was even more fun! Increasing my vibration two-fold, as well! This seems to be fueling my creativity and I have even more ideas for some abstract expressionism.

As I sit here, copy-editing this very post, I have had a profound thought….. Am I type-A or is this the mold that I created and self-imposed on myself at a young age so I would be loved? Damn, that’s deep, but makes a lot of sense to me. I see more messy work coming my way very soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Barry Osborne

    Laurie, you have succeeded and you will succeed in even greater ways. Why? Because you have a God-given talent… because you are kind, giving, creative, and loving. I will pray for your colors to come alive not only in your medium but in your life

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