Some days I don’t feel like talking or writing about anything. Sunday, I spent the morning with my mom and afternoon with writers block. Mind you, I plan out my posts a month in advance. (I’m not type A at all – ha ha). Not any of my topics for the rest of the month seemed to stir anything in my head or my heart.


I started taking a few writing classes over the last few weeks to work on my writing skills in hopes to pick up some free-lancing projects in the near future. Writing is something that fuels my creativity and something I would like to do on a regular basis.

I’m the go-to person for turning our SOPs (standard operating procedures) into readable material at work. For two years while my oldest friend was the President of the Junior League, I helped her with all of her letters and articles she had to write. Mostly copy-editing. It wasn’t until this year that I realized that writing could be a great career option for me. I have always loved English and reading. When I was in college, I honestly thought if I majored in English I would have to TEACH. Teaching is a special skill and a love like no other. I do not have the skills or the love to teach, but I am grateful for all that do. I never realized that I could have majored in journalism or be a copy writer or even write books. I always had my eye on a career that made money, but not none that made me happy.

So, when I realized I wanted to write more, I immediately started blogging more. Practice makes perfect, right? Right off the bat, I knew I would have to create content on a regular basis. I am still working on my niche, but at least I am writing regularly. Then, low motivation crept in this weekend. I’m not sure why but I can always manage to find my good friend, FEAR, close by. I have several posts that I am working on but they all seem to be all over the place and slightly full of anger.

When I can’t seem to get my thoughts straight, I turn to my personal journal. Good old-fashioned, hand written goodness. And when the pen won’t move, I start asking myself questions. What’s on my mind? What is bothering me? What do I need to know today? Any question that might push my brain to pour out something. Today, though, I didn’t even get a single word in my journal after I finished up my gratitude list. It’s a day where the well feels dry.

So, last night, I hunkered down in front of the tv watching reruns of Big Bang and started typing. And here we are. I think this is mostly fluff. A filler for my usual Monday posts. I try to dig deep for my Monday posts. Letting you into my deeper thoughts about self love, being seen, fear, and handling the stresses of life. Getting real and definitely getting outside of my comfort zone. It’s probably one of the things I love about writing my blog. I think that’s why I am okay with this fluff piece today. It’s more important for me to be consistent right now. If I let one post slide, it’s easier for me to not show up all week. It’s the same for me if I skip a weigh in at WW. If I don’t go this week, I am even more likely to not go next week. And then the slide continues.

So, the take away here? Showing up. It’s important to show up for yourself than it is to give up. If I want to be a writer, I have to act like one and show up to write. So, here I am.

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