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Reducing Your Footprint

I have been thinking about how bad all this plastic is for mother earth and how much of it we use every single day. Heck, how much I use every single day. It was starting to weigh heavy on me. I just spent a weekend in Raleigh where we went through a ton of water bottles in a few days. My friend, Steph, from Life According to Steph, posted something on her blog yesterday that struck a chord in me. Her post came at just the right time and I’ll tell ya, I’m IN! She’s partnering with Steph from Not Entirely Perfect to encourage others to participate in Plastic Free July! Read more about it here and here.

For Plastic Free July, they are planning a number of things and would love as much participation as possible, whether you blog or not:

1 – Sometime in the first two weeks of July, post a day in the life post on your blog or a series of photos on your Instagram account specifically focused on what you’re doing to reduce single-use plastics or ways you’re struggling/when you forget. Use the hashtag #sustainablestephs

2 – Help! If you need suggestions on what you can replace or what you need to replace, during the third week of July, post on your blog or instagram asking for alternatives. Example: Looking for alternatives to…(insert single use plastic item here).

3 – Month in Review. The last week of July, it’s time to post how you did on your blog or Instagram. Share whatever you chose to change in Plastic Free July. We hope you report that you’ve made this change permanently.

If bloggers are interested, Steph and Steph are happy to do link ups, so let one of them know on their sites. Their blog links are above and their Instagrams are below.

On Instagram Life According to Steph is here and Not Entirely Perfect Steph is here. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #sustainablestephs and tag them in your posts. They’re going to do a Swell bottle giveaway, too!

In the last two years, I have switched to reusable water bottles and jugs (I always have one with me), I have purchased and USED reusable grocery bags, and I have metal straws. As a family, we use Brita water jugs for water, but we are still buying water bottles for Disney (sorry, Disney, your water sucks). My employer is working on sustainability and they’ve given us water jugs and coffee mugs to use at work. I love this because we drink coffee and water all day!

I’ve been thinking about the damn Keurig and it’s daily plastic cups. I know this will be my hardest single use to kick because I am the only one in the house who drinks coffee. I’ll go ahead and put this out there…..suggestions on replacing this for coffee?

So…..what do you think? Can you make a change? Are you in? Can you commit to making a small change to reduce your single use plastic use?

4 comments on “Reducing Your Footprint

  1. Barbara Smith

    Please tell me where I can buy your High Point note cards-I have had two boxes as gifts & love them.

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  2. Love this!

    MFD is the only one in our house who drinks coffee and we just have the regular pot and he brews a smaller one.

    There are also reusable kcups that you add your own ground coffee too.


    • I will tell you, I’ve started being mindful and I’m just shocked at all the single use I use everywhere. I’m trying to give up the straw, but CFA is killing me. I never remember to pack my stainless with me. I’ll get there. Being mindful is the first step!! Can’t wait to check in with progress.


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