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Mickey Mouse Monday

The most happening week of the summer has come and gone. We celebrated in style….Mickey Style. We just returned from our first 4th of July celebration at the Magic Kingdom this year. What a celebration it was!

Hot? Of course! Long day? Yeah, I’d say so. Worth it? Absolutely!

We got up early to head over to the park to claim our entry. You may not know this, but if you ever plan on being in the park for a holiday, you should get there early and plan to stay ALL DAY. Once the park hit capacity (and it does), it closes to all new entries. This also means, no midday break from the heat. Not unless you want to go hang out in the Hall of Presidents or some other shows.

We did plan our trip with Fast Passes to a few of our favorite rides. We even managed to get a FP+ for Seven Dwarf Mine Train. We didn’t get to use it due to weather, but we did arrive early enough to ride it first!

And being a planner, we also made reservations for lunch at the Skipper Canteen. A little AC in the hottest part of the day! We also hit as many indoor rides as possible.

The evening ended with a grand display of fireworks. It was so much fun being there to see them in person. And though the park stayed open until 1 am, we managed to get out around 10-10:30.

It was a long day but such a fun time with everyone. We all had fun and rode as many rides as we could. We spared nothing, if we could help it. Even Peter Pan and Small World.

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