Some days, I am gung-ho, let’s rip it up, make some noise, get this party started….you get the gist, right? Other days, I feel stuck. I have no idea what to draw, what paint, where to even begin. In other words, I feel frozen in time. STUCK.

Since I started my daily painting, it’s gotten much better. I’m painting every day. I am creating things I listed out in advance to paint (my own prompts). It been going smoothly. No hiccups. No mornings of, “what the heck?” Yet, when I have time in the afternoons to create, my mind is blank. I have these ideas, but nothing that jumps out at me to get moving and shaking. Nothing that says…this is what I want to create. Not even a little bit of…let me work on this commission.

You see, I have to be IN THE MOOD to work on commissions. I don’t work on anyone’s time frame but my own. It’s why I have recently been toying with the idea of not taking commissions anymore. Then, out of the blue, I’ll get a random request to paint a beautiful home and I can’t help but say….why yes I can!

So, what do I do to thaw out? I write. I journal until I become frozen there, too. Then it’s off to the stores. I go walk through Target and Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble. Just looking for some inspiration and some movement–in my mind and body. Eventually, it does come back and I’m off the races again. My creativity is a funny thing. It comes and goes as it pleases. Whether I’m painting, writing, or creating reels. It ebbs and flows. So for now….let’s just LET IT GO!

The key is to not let it stop me!

What do you do to keep the creativity flowing!?


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