Holidays and Self Care

As an artist, it is quite easy to over-extend myself when it comes to taking on commission work for the holidays. It never fails that someone will wait until the last minute to ask for a commissioned work. Most of the time, I am very accommodating to requests, especially if I have time. What I have learned over the years as a creative is that I have to look out for my own mental health.

I made a rule several years ago that I wouldn’t paint in December. Instead, I would paint through the Thanksgiving weekend and that was the end of my holiday work. It honestly made the holidays SOOO much better. Having these boundaries allow me to be fully present for the holiday season. Enjoying family, friends, and fun.

Learning boundaries is hard for creatives. We think we need to create and work all the time to be successful. The truth is, success comes from creating boundaries and taking care of ourselves. It’s okay to hold a deadline, say no, and to rest. In fact, during times of rest is when we allow new ideas to manifest.

So, this holiday season, take care of YOU!


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