Learning New Things at Any Age

Life is nothing but a cycle of learning. Kind of weird when you think of it that way, but it is. We are here to LEARN. Your entire life has been full of lessons. Some BIG and some small. Next week, I kick off my second version of Canva for Beginners.

Join me for this 6 week workshop to learn how to create everything from a logo to landing pages. In this 6 week, hands-on workshop, we cover:

🎉Branding for your social media presence and/or business

🎉YOUR intellectual property and putting it to work for you.

🎉Creating digital graphics and photos to promote yourself and your business

🎉Landing pages and social media….including posts, reels, and story boards.

🎉Each week, we will spend time talking about different aspects of Canva and taking time to answer your questions.

🎉Every participant receives 45 minutes of 1:1 time with me to help move you forward.

Come ready to play and work together.

We will begin creating the very FIRST day! Starts Jan 31st at 8pm EST.

Sign-up by January 28th!


See you there!


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