Listening to Yourself

This may be the most honest and raw post I have ever written about myself. I shouldn’t have to preface this post, but: Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Open


The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Dictionary.com, Oxford Languages

Lately, I’ve found myself having more and more conversations about intuition. It’s something I have always had, whether I liked it or not, but not something I was comfortable with talking about with everyone. Makes sense, right? No woman who has ever been accused of anything regarding her own power, wants to rock the boat with a topic so close to “witchcraft.” Typing that made me chuckle a bit. Honestly, as I have expanded my knowledge, my personal growth, and digging into my purpose, I have found a lot of women who are fearful of speaking up about their intuition and their power, suffer from what is commonly referred to as a witch wound.

The Witch Wound is a psychological and spiritual wound carried by self-identifying women who have been taught to fear their power, in particular power that relates to feminine energy. The Witch Wound can come from past lives, childhood or subconscious programming from our families, culture, institutions or education.


I know I have gone back and forth about whether or not I wanted to embrace this particular part of me, but I will tell you right now….

When I start talking about the soul, that amazing bright light of energy we are made up of, and the fact our body is just a vessel for this particular “semester” of learning, I get excited. I start talking and don’t stop. I want to share every single thing I have read or heard. I want people to know it’s not just one person who is talking about it. If I talk for too long, though, I get self-conscious and then think, maybe I’ve said too much. Or I get REAL nervous people will think I’m crazy….and they might! Some man-made religions teach fear all while the truth is, we are here to learn and our higher power, which Christians know as God, is well aware of what our path is on this journey.

The truth is, I have had too many amazing experiences that tell me that I’m not crazy and what I believe is true. So, when my friend, Beth Gemmel, asked if I’d like to be a guinea pig in her first Intuition course, I jumped at the opportunity. I also found some kindred spirits. I found more light workers that want to help spread love and light in the world.

Some of what I learned was about the Clairs:

I’m not Clairvoyant. I cannot see shit. Don’t ask me. I can’t see it.

I have been known to be Clairaudient. This typically happens to me in the shower, when I am in deep meditation, or I’m asleep. I can here people talking to me, but I have asked that it just be my guides, angels, family, and loved ones of my close friends.

Have you ever heard of Clairalience–sensing through inner smell? Have you ever smelled something that immediately reminded you of a loved one who is no longer on this earth? More than likely it was somewhere that this scent would seem out of place. My dad’s mother checks in with me periodically using her signature cigarette smoke smell. Probably because I associated smoking so much with her.

I was drawn to Reiki work because I tend to be Clairtangent. I feel things through touch and I receive things when being touched and scanned during Reiki. I also have reactions similar to goosebumps, shivers, etc. which are signs that you, too, are clairtangent. Let’s be clear, though, I’m not going to get a reading on someone just because I touch them, but it would be super cool to have visions like Wednesday Addams, right?? When I am providing a Reiki treatment, this sense helps guide me to where I need to focus on the energy. It allows me to work in the area that needs the most work.

For the most part, my strongest of the Clairs, is Claircognizant–inner knowing. I can’t tell you why, but I just know. When I am talking to people, if I feel pulled to do, I may offer something that’s popped in my head or share what I’m feeling. To be clear, though, I don’t do party tricks or readings because I just don’t believe that’s HOW I’m supposed to use my intuition. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m working with a coaching client or a friend in need, my intuition will kick on and what we need to know….will present itself. Like last week when Paige said Matt (her brother on the other side) had been on her mind lately, I smiled big and said….he will be a the Dead & Co show with you in Atlanta.

For the last few months, I have been doing the work to learn and grow so I know when I need to share something or not. I have been working on my own reactions and senses to know when something is important and when it’s not. It’s been quite fascinating. I’ve also been experiencing a true shift in alignment. What I believe to be a spiritual awakening. I know…it sounds a little crazy, but believe me, I have felt like I was going crazy. Yet, I keep meeting other women in our coaching groups who are experiencing the SAME thing. It lets me know I’m not losing it and that my group of like-minded women is growing by leaps and bounds. And I love it!

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