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Who Do You Need to Be in the Room With?

Last week, my coach, Gail Keyes Allen, asked this question to her coaching container group. My thoughts raced to the obvious: Strong Women. Women who are comfortable in their own skin. Women who feel pulled to help each other. Women who are safe spaces to all.

The next day, I took this questions to my journal.

“Who am I meant to be in the room with?

Powerful women. Women of all backgrounds. We will come together to change the dynamic and power of women. Women can no longer be quiet nor can they continue to be divided. Select your tribe wisely.” I wrote, as the words seem to flow from my subconscious.

I continued, “Are these women in my circle already?

Some are. Some aren’t. You will begin to pull these women to you. You are creating a diverse group where you and others will thrive and inspire others.”

By now, you can see that my responses are coming to me in the 3rd person. As if I was having a conversation with my soul. Which is exactly how I viewed it myself. I believe the most important conversations you can have are with your soul–the divine light in you that directly links you to your higher power. My Higher Power is God. Your higher power may be something else, and that’s fine with me. We are all connected by a higher power but depending on our background, it might be something different. I respect and welcome you.

I went on to write even more:

“Teach people how to ask their own questions of themselves. Teach people how to manifest, just as Jane taught you and you’ve taught others.” I can only teach others if I talk about how I have worked on myself to open up my own ability to converse with my soul, my guide, and my guardian angel. Yes, I am aware, to some, this sounds insane, but I don’t believe this is any different than praying. When you pray for help and you come up with an answer, do you think YOU came up with the answer? I also know that there is a far greater purpose for all of us on this planet. There is a need for us to be change makers–you’ve even heard of some of them. People like Deepak, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Kyle Gray, and more. As we become more enlightened, we realize there’s more to life than the day-to-day many of us have grown accustomed to today.

We need to find our people and we need to band together. This very thing is what came to me as I continued to write. As I join groups of women and find my people….merely mentioning that I work with my own intuition….more and more people are drawn to me and quickly joining my circle. If this speaks to you, reach out. If it doesn’t and it makes you feel uncomfortable…..sit with that discomfort and ask yourself why?

I love the work I’m doing and the women I am lining up with to continue to shine a bright light on the world. This place gets darker every day, but being open and loving to all helps lighten the darkness. I encourage you to try it.

See ya soon!


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