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What Happens When You Say It Out LOUD?

A couple of week’s ago, I signed up for some “free” online training for people who wanted to learn how to become public speakers. This was something that was sparked way back in March at the Women’s Summit hosted by Women in Motion of High Point. Our speaker spoke about that very thing….how she just knew she was meant to be a public speaker. I haven’t always KNOWN I wanted to be a public speaker. I’m more speaker-curious and that means this:

I know I love to talk
I know I have a lot to share
I know it goes hand in hand with what I am currently doing.

So, of course, with Siri listening to every move I make…every breath I take (you read that in song, didn’t you? I certainly typed it that way), this training hosted by a speaker coach out of Raleigh popped up in my Facebook feed. As I mentioned, I was already speaker-curious, so I signed up. I made it to about day 4 and dropped off. At that point it was selling me on her services. As much I would love to be coached on this, I am not quite ready.

So, the coach in me created this Instagram post that went something like this:

Is there something you’d like to do but you’re not sure how to get started?

I have had this itch to learn how to be a public speaker….and get paid for it.

Do what?
Yeah, you read that right.

Even I was surprised that this might be of interest to me. Yet, it seems like a natural part of what I’m doing now. It fits with my coaching AND my Podcast.

This certainly isn’t something I can come up with on my own but it is a skill I can learn with the right coach. Learning something new or making a change in life/career is much easier with a coach. I would love to help you step into the next stage of your life and create a life and career you love.

Link in bio to my website where you can set up a free, 45 minute discovery call.

It’s a prompt for a post about how I can help others make moves in their life. How a coach can contribute and help you create a new reality for yourself. It’s a post about getting out of your own way and having some accountability.

It’s also a post where I put something I may want to try out into the universe. And the universe?? It responded in the voice of my father, who has clearly listened to me yammer on about things for 53 years. Probably non-stop. He casually mentioned to me that he was telling his neighbor, Ginny, that I am thinking about trying out public speaking. I’m sure you’re thinking no big deal. And if I didn’t know Ginny, I would think the same thing. The problem is, I do know Ginny, and I know that she is the Head of the Nido R Qubein School of Communication department at High Point University (the DEAN of Communications). And my dad then says to me, Ginny said you are doing great things on your Facebook. Ah, another person watching but not commenting. That’s okay. I get it. But the truth is, I half wondered if she was just being nice to my dad or if she really was paying attention. That’s when the anvil dropped. He then suggested that I call her for advice. That if I wanted to do what Nido does, then there is no better place to ask for help.

The 10 year old girl (my inner child), who doesn’t want to be seen, then jumped up and ran to tell the rest of me to hide. She does this by triggering anxiety and fear inside me.

53 year old me decided it would be better to take her by the hand and show her HOW to move forward instead of continuing to hide. So, I did an entire episode about it on my podcast and I sat down to write about it right here.

And you know what happened? I settled into the idea. I started writing about what my story would be about if I were to tell it out loud. I started wondering how long I would be able to yammer on about anything. Then I remembered how much I do LOVE to talk.

There are SO many things I would love to do but I’ve never had the courage to do them. Why? Because I might not be perfect. Because I may not be good at it. Because I might get laughed at (yet I love making my friends laugh–because who doesn’t like laughing??) Because I might…..because because BECAUSE!!! (You need to sing that like you’re singing We’re off to see the Wizard). Because I’m scared to do it.

I’m pushing scared out the door. I’m working on my story. I may even be working on some standup material. I mean, wouldn’t that be hilarious? Well, it might be!!

I actually had this thought one night last week about how my ideas of changing careers today are very similar to Alan Rickman. Though, he always loved acting as a hobby, it wasn’t until he was 42 that he became successful. What role?? Hans Gruber, of course. If you guessed Snape, you are much younger than I am!

I decided to Google actors who got a late start and was shocked to learn that Betty White was 51 when she started appearing on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and 63 when she was on the Golden Girls! For so many women, ageism is a thing. People don’t want to quit working when they hit a certain age. We aren’t useless. We are amazing souls full of knowledge we’ve learned for a lifetime. We have a lot to give and a lot to share.

I’m not moving away from my desire to help women who want more out of their lives. I love coaching. When I thought I didn’t love it, it was because I wasn’t working the way I needed to and I wasn’t helping those who TRULY want to be helped. Making changes and digging through your own mental garbage is NOT fun and it’s HARD. The reward, though, is SO worth it!!

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  1. Sarah Joy

    Love this and love your bravery… in saying it out loud and looking all the spooky stuff in the eye! I’m always happy to be a part of your practice audience. ❤️

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