Seeking Rest

I started this post 3 weeks ago and then proceeded to seek rest. Seriously, all I typed was the title. I spent 6 days on Staycation in June. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. The guys took off for Florida but I still had time off to burn first quarter (that quarter ended in June). So I stayed home, cleaned, rested, and worked on myself. I was burned out and ready to take some time off. During this time, I found that I really need some time off of social media.

Then….there were (was?) Threads. I thought I would take some down time on socials and low and behold a new, twitter-esque site was rolled out by none other than Meta. Twitter had become so toxic, I finally left with the Muskrat bought it. His pre-ownership rants were enough for me to know this would drain my energy far too much. And so, my social sabbatical was pushed out. I am taking a few weeks off from my podcast, but I can’t seem to shake the socials. I’m enjoying threads. No drama yet. I’ve curated my feed to be more about what I want than in the past when I followed celebs and news and every person I knew. I think the only celebrity I’m following now is The Arnold. He has this great outlook on socials in that it should only be positive. And that’s what I want. Just like I’ve unfollowed all the people on FB that want to keep posting political stuff, I am doing that here. It’s made life on socials a LOT better.

I’m still working towards a lighter and brighter social media for myself. I feel like I am not seeing much of who I want to see on my personal Facebook, so I am going to begin cleaning house. Does anyone ever feel bad about unfriending that person you know died?? I have begun the task of removing those that have LONG since passed. I often wonder if people know there is a way to change these pages in to memorial pages. I know it’s hard to let go of a loved one, but I also know on Facebook, I always stop short on someone’s birthday…..Nothing worse than a birthday wish on Facebook to someone celebrating back home in heaven.

Well, I certainly jumped off onto a tangent. I am still thinking about taking a month off from social media, but it will need to wait just a bit more. At least until I figure out the BEST way to grow my business without it.

Now get some rest!


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