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What if our purpose in life is to learn and grow? That our purpose on this earth to keep learning and evolving and creating a better life for all. Not just for you, but for EVERYONE. This is why it is vital to always be working on ourselves to grow and evolve into our purpose and our divine assignment. Some are put here to create beauty through art and design. Some are here to help lead and others to support. When I hear the words Divine Assignment, it sounds very serious…and it is. It is important that we embrace what we have been put on earth to do. Sure this sounds hokie in the mundane of every day life, but what if your assignment is to spread joy. What if it’s to make people feel good through joy and kindness. Doesn’t that sound like a fun job?

I have fought my own purpose for decades (years sounded better, but the honest truth is…it’s been decades). I had this lightbulb moment last week when Simone Seol posted this:

I think there must be two kinds of coaches.

One, the kind of people who thought coaching would be an easy and fun way to make money, and would try their hand at a coaching business as a solution for other problems or unmet needs in their lives.

Two, the kind of people who became coaches because coaching saved their damn lives dramatically and unequivocally, some of the most beautiful and admirable humans they know and looked up to were coaches, and they couldn’t imagine doing anything more meaningful with their lives.

It was not the ‘quick and easy way to make money’ that brought me to coaching. It was this memory I had always carried around with me from working with my own coach. Who, by the way, did save my damn life from being in the most toxic, narcissistic relationship I have ever been in (and it wasn’t the first one but it was the WORST one). I fought her every step of the way, too. Lord, I think of all that wasted time but now see the lessons in it and I am grateful for it.

I started working with Jane in my 20’s. She would have fun workshops to learn about energy and chakras–she was ahead of her time for me. I loved learning. We would have book clubs every Wednesday night. Sometimes it would be an hour and a half of helping one of us with a big problem. Other weeks, we would stay on track with the latest Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay book.

As I read Simone’s post early last Saturday morning, I remembered way back to when Jane asked me if I thought I could do what she does. Without hesitation, I said, yes. I said yes, because I knew that I could help people through coaching, too. I knew that this service was something that had helped me and that I could absolutely help others. But here’s where it gets tricky. My brain finally clicked when I read number two….it was because of this that I studied for my certification; however, I realized, this was not what she asked me. Some 25 years later….that was NOT the question she asked and I finally realized what she meant. Almost as if she had placed the thought in mind all over again.

I was gob smacked. I realized at that moment, just 5 days ago, what she really meant. It wasn’t about the coaching. It’s about using my intuitive gifts and energy work to help people. This message is like positive reinforcement that I am on my path. That things were finally clicking because I was embracing my own divine assignment.

Just two days before Simone’s post, I had put out my own post that I was looking for a space to set up my Reiki practice. I wasn’t sure what it would look like, but I trusted that if I asked, the perfect space would appear. I kind of knew where I wanted to be and that I wanted to be a space that supported what I do. The great friends that I have, had plenty of options to offer up for me to check out.

As any typical Goldilocks, I found that nothing seemed to be just right. I had in my mind an idea, but other than that, I wasn’t able to determine where this might be. At least not until a friend texted me to come see a space in her studio. It was perfect. Not too big and not too small. I felt comfortable there. I knew it would take some work to get it like I wanted it, but I also knew I could start soon and slowly add what I needed as I grew my business.

I don’t have a definite date to begin scheduling clients, as I need time to set up and get things cleansed. What I do know is that my goal for new, in-person clients will be the week after labor day. If you’d like to get on my mailing list to be the first to know when I will begin scheduling in person clients, join HERE.

If you aren’t close, but would like to try Distance Reiki, join my mailing list for a chance to win a FREE Distance Reiki Session. I will be giving away 5 distance reiki sessions on August 11th. Be sure your name is on the list by August 10th!

There’s LOTS more to come!!


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