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What’s Your Niche?

First of all, I hate the term niche. No one should be pigeon-holed into one single thing. I am not one thing but many. I know very few people who are just ONE thing. I get it, in the coaching world, you need to know who your clients are but in the game of life you serve who shows up. They show up because the resonate with you and your journey.

I had a new friend ask me recently how I came to my niche and this spurred me to explain more about it. While niches are great, when it comes to light workers & energy workers, we work on a different level with people, there’s not one. I guess, my niche is healing. You are the only one who can truly heal yourself. It’s not to say you don’t need assistance and support in the journey, but you HAVE TO DO THE WORK. As an energy worker, I work with those open to learning more about themselves as an energetic being. Those who are open to things that aren’t always as they seem. You’d be surprised at how often I have had a Distance Reiki client with an ailment where they “have tried everything” and it turned out it was a symptom of something else. Reiki is life force energy that flows where it’s needed. It’s not guided by the practitioner, but more fascilitated.

I have mentioned this often, but I worked with a coach/medium since I was in my 20s. Jane was a coach, a mentor, and most of all, a friend. She died 2 years ago and her parting gift–though she’s never too far–sent me on a journey to dig deeper to uncover my true path on my own. Not that she didn’t toss out bread crumbs to be for years. Hind sight is 20/20 and oh how clearly I see how she was guiding me.

I began studying Yoga when she was sick. I remember texting her that I was starting to understand…I was having a lightbulb moment! Yoga lead me to meditation, and then to try Reiki. My 3 sessions of Reiki with my friend, Caroline, prompted me to learn more about Reiki and study it. Though, this was in the middle of the pandemic, I found Lisa Powers online, who would teach me in Level I, II, and Master/Teacher. This is not the norm and I think a lot of Reiki practitioners would/do frown upon it, but she did teach me and attune me to use this amazing energy in Level I, II, and Master Level. I feel that her teachings feel clean from an energetic standpoint. She is doing with Reiki what it is meant for—helping and healing others. I also know that I didn’t come across her by accident.

When we began to come out of the Covid fog, I found a great woman nearby, Lori Alderman, who has been trained in the lineage of William Lee Rand (as was Lisa), to review Reiki I & II with me in person. I felt I needed a little more visual learning AND practice before I would begin to work with this energy with others.

The pandemic allowed me to dig deeper into my own calling. I’ve since taken classes on past life regression (let me tell you that was NOT what I expected but I am STILL fascinated with what I learned), classes on connecting to my higher self, as well as connecting to my guides and angels. The more work I do, the clearer it all becomes. The more Reiki I practice, the stronger my channel is. It’s all self discovery and getting in touch with who I’m supposed to be.

Using my natural gifts and abilities to align myself with the universe to follow my purpose. All of this work, and expanding my yoga certifications, has brought me to this moment. The moment I decided to step out to help others begin their healing journey. I am excited to open The Healing Room, specializing in Reiki and energy clearing. This includes Reiki, Chakra balancing, and offering private Yin and Restorative Yoga. After all, we hold onto painful emotions (which can be defined as cloudy energy) in our body, especially the heart and hips. What better way to release those pent up energies than with the relaxing poses that gently encourage release.

I offer in-person and distance options. Reach out and find out what the best option is for you.


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