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Fun Fact Friday – Family Tradition

In my family, we are all somewhat creative.  Our artistic ability has been passed down generation after generation.  Though only my grandfather made a career out of it, we are all talented in our own way.  My mother used to paint pastel portraits, my sister majored in fine art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, my grandfather was the Creative Director at Alderman Studios in High Point, North Carolina.  Before that, he was a fireman and a painter on the side.  My mother recalls evening where a taxi would pull up in front of their house on East Lexington, honk the horn, and my grandfather would hurry out with paint and brush in hand to paint the red birds on the cabs for the Red Bird Cab Company.  I love these tidbits of my family history.

My sister has taken time off from painting to raise her four boys.  The last of which will begin pre-school this year.  I hope she will return to her artwork.  She is an AMAZING talent.

Pastel by Robert B Hoskins
“Betsey” pastel by Susan Mendenhall
On location work at The 512 Collective by Laurie Mendenhall

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