It’s been a while since I had time to sit down and really talk about my art.  I’m doing well to paint commissions and work on my daily doodles.  The daily practice keeps the art habit fresh.  It’s also allowed me to expand my abilities into marker illustration.  While I love painting watercolors, I also love doing quick, ten minute doodles.  Each month I search Instagram for a month-long prompt offered from another artist.  Anyone can participate and I often encourage my friends to join me.  I love seeing what the prompts create in fellow creatives.  Sometimes, it’s exactly what you’d expect, but other times, it can be clever.

I continue to paint homes and businesses, but I have started to focus more on my personal art.  I want to paint for myself for a while.  My art collective will reopen soon and I want to have my first solo show in the next 12 – 18 months there.  To do that, I have to have quite a bit of my own work, so I am moving ever-slowly in that direction.

My style is changing every day.  Growing, developing, and becoming exactly what it was meant to be.

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