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Might as Well Face It

I’m addicted to food. I love looking at pictures of food. I love watching cooking shows. My favorite is Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I mean, I want ALL the DIVES! All the ridiculous burgers and sandwiches, breakfast tots, and smothered fries. I love food. And you know what? It loves me back.

I discovered my love of food when the Food Network debuted on cable tv. I’d be sure to tune in for some BAM….Emeril or sweet ol’ Paula Deene. Lawd have mercy, I loved to make things from her cookbooks. And my body showed every ounce of it, but you know, I was happy creating in the kitchen. It hit a peak when I decided to get sober in 2009. I wasn’t drinking anymore, so that gave me a lot more time to eat. **Disclaimer, I am not completely sober today, but I don’t drink like I once did.**

My weigh ballooned to well over 200 during this time. Something I’m not particularly proud of, but it is what it is. They say you trade out one addiction for another. I traded boozing all the time for food. And honestly, if I wasn’t sure before, I know now that food is definitely my drug of choice. And it’s so easy to get my hands on it!

I try to eat healthy, I really do. But nothing….NOTHING….tastes as good as skinny feels. Wait…I meant nothing tastes as good as cheeseburgers! And I love them. I eat a cheeseburger every week. I love burgers. That’s like my #1. And I have eaten them healthy (see pics on right above) and I have eaten them smothered and covered. I have eaten them as sliders. I mean, I could Dr Seuss my love of burgers.

The one thing in my life that always keeps me in check is Weight Watchers. WW for short (and apparently forever). I am that person that pays for WW every month whether I need it or not. Let’s be honest, I always need it. What I know now is that I need WW like an alcoholic needs AA. I cannot do it without a meeting. I cannot do it without the support. There are not enough good things for me to say about my Saturday morning meeting. And if you’re reading this and in my Saturday morning meeting, I’ll be back after vacation this weekend. I promise. I need it!!

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