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Sharing Your Talent by Giving Back

As a local artist, I am constantly being asked to donate to a worthy cause. As a local volunteer who has chaired many a fundraiser, I also know the need is great and the pond is small in my hometown. It’s hard to be selective for the causes, but I believe you give where your heart is drawn.

This coming weekend, I have donated three original paintings to two separate events. One in High Point, my hometown, where I am thrilled to help raise money for TAG (Theatre Art Galleries) at their annual spring gala. TAG is located in the same building as the High Point Theatre, hence the name. This is one of the few fundraisers in town that I actually attend and it’s because you get see so much fabulous local art, as well as enjoy the company of so many friends. My two pieces are local love for my hometown and I have never offered the originals for sale, only prints. So, if you’ve wanted an original….now is the time!

You can browse today and BID on Friday night on any of the items in auction (there’s more than just art in this fundraiser). Check it out HERE!

You can see my works following this link: TAG GALA

Next, I’ve donated a painting to Community Creates in Winston Salem. A fellow artist in Winston posted on Instagram looking for artists to help raise money. She surely knows where our purse strings are because I signed up immediately. I had her take a look at my work to help me decide what she thought would be a good fit in Winston. We quickly decided on the Historic Shell Station. I painted this specifically for this event. I did one in watercolor and one in acrylic, but in the end, the watercolor was my better work. I matted and framed it up and shipped it over to her. I still love it!

Everyone wants to give back and make your community better. I love giving back to the community and helping raise money for a good cause, like hunger, the arts, historic preservation, and MS. These are my focus areas when it comes to giving back. Now to figure out what to donate to the MS Mix and Mingle! Ideas welcome….tell me what you want me to paint for this fundraiser in the comments!

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