Last weekend, at my WW meeting, something was said that really struck a chord in me. Well, a few things are always said that stick with me, but let’s stay on topic. Here it is. A truth bomb. It’s that WW is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle with a support system.

I compare WW with AA only instead of having an addiction to alcohol, it’s a food addiction. I treat my food issues like an addiction. I’ve mentioned this is previous posts. Nothing gives me comfort like food. And for me, it used to be alcohol and food. I have learned that if I want to be successful at WW and successful in changing my lifestyle, and most especially my eating habits, I have to show up at a meeting. WW offers weekly meetings five days a week at my home studio in High Point. WW also offers WW at Work for those lucky enough to have a convenient meeting in their office. I’ve done it both ways. RL had WW at work, but it didn’t last because they don’t commit the budget to it or offer incentives for people to join (like getting your money back if you reach goal). I have joined friends at their office for WW at work, but honestly, nothing works for me like this Saturday morning meeting. I can’t explain why. Maybe its Barbara. Maybe it’s the ones who show up every week and share their stories, tips, and tricks. Maybe it’s those life-timers.

My home meeting is the Saturday morning at 8:15 one. I’m a morning person and I love this meeting. I love the people in this meeting. We have everyone from newbies to life-timers. I learn something new every meeting. Like the idea that this is a lifetime commitment or it could be a fabulous banana nut loaf recipe. There is always something to be learned.

Something we have talked about the last two weeks are fad diets. WW has never been a fad diet. It’s been a constant, evolving eating plan that was developed to teach you how much food you actually need to be healthy. And it includes a support group. You will find this support group in-person or online. WW users stick together, share together, and motivate each other. There’s an app for that OR, you can find plenty of us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

These fad diets we mentioned include Whole 30 and Keto, among others. To me, Keto is just another Atkins diet. Been there, done that. Lost the weight and gained it back. I have friends who have used it, but it just takes one doughnut/slice of cake/piece of candy to get off track and put that sugar back in your system that you worked so hard to get out. Whole 30 is great as far as cutting out processed food. I’ll be honest with you, though, I can’t live that way. I cannot tell you that I will never consume something that’s not 100% clean eating. And to that point….I give you Dole Whip (below)!

I get it. I think they really work for those willing to give up certain things forever. I have a co-worker doing Keto and intermittent fasting. It works for her. It really does. She is also committed to living this way. I can’t. I cannot live with it forever.

What I can live with is WW. Nothing is off limits. I want ice cream, I can have it. I have to plan for it, but I can have it and not feel guilty. If I want a beer (really, the wise choice is vodka because it has less points), I can have it. I just have to plan for it. And planning means, earmarking some of my points for it. I have two social events this weekend and I have to plan for them. This means, I can’t be using all my weeklies until Friday night. Luckily, they reboot on Saturday for my high school reunion. I digress.

Weight-loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every weight-loss book written is someone sharing their story of how they decided to get healthy, eat a certain way, and lose weight. And to their surprise, it worked for them. And now, it might work for you! Atkins, Scarsdale (I am dating myself, I know), the Mayo Clinic 3 day diet, Fat Flush, the Liver Diet, The Ice Cream Diet, Whole 30, Keto, even Dr Phil has a diet, and so many, many more. Seriously, Google weight loss books and click on images. It’s staggering how many books have been written on weight-loss.

Everyone has to find what works for them. What I have learned is, all of these diets that promise a quick loss, work. What I’ve also learned is that they don’t work forever, unless you stick to it….forever. And (to quote Prince) that’s a mighty long time. WW is not a diet that you go on until the weight comes off. WW is a life time of learning and sharing what you’ve learned and showing up for yourself and showing up for others. There is one thing I do know and it’s helping others is what keeps you in the game.

**Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with WW. These are all my own views and opinions.**

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