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Suck It Up, Buttercup

So….it’s week 4 of plastic free July and I know I say this every week, but I am astounded at the amount of single use plastic we go through in this country. ASTOUNDED. More because it’s second nature to us and without actually keeping tabs on it, I’m not sure I would have thought that I personally use a lot of it if I hadn’t taken the time to really pay attention.

Paper Straws from Starbucks at Walt Disney World

While I have been using more reusable tupperware (I dare any of you to try to come over and fit one more thing in my refrigerator) and I have all but given up the straw (I still have the straw at the Chick-fil-a….at least until my tall, smoothie silicone straws arrive today). I know I have a long way to go. Giving up single use plastic is going to be harder than I ever imagined. So, in the vain of any good 12-step program, I have completed step 1. I have admitted I have a problem with single use plastics. Steps 2 – 8 have already come into play and now it’s time to start the real work…making amends to Mother Earth. Honestly, I think I would have greater success giving up bread completely than giving up plastic. Mostly because you can barely find anything that isn’t wrapped in plastic. Seriously, go out and take inventory next time you are shopping or at the grocery store. It’s astounding.

A long time ago, I started taking my own silverware to work. Wrapped in a cloth napkin. I used to laugh because it reminded me of my grandfather. For his entire life, his place at the table was always set with silverware and a linen napkin….ALWAYS. He would come home from work at lunch and eat a hot meal. God love my grandmother. She would stop what she was doing to ensure his meal was hot and ready for him when he arrived at the house at high noon. Anyway, I feel like I got that cloth napkin thing from him.

I may not be perfect, but at least now I’m aware of the amount of plastic I’m consuming. AND….I am trying to do something about it. How about you?

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