Well, honestly, I haven’t been doing WW. I have been trying to eat Keto, but last Saturday I just needed some bread. I don’t know how people do Keto. I did it for not quite two weeks and by yesterday I was like, for the love of God, please give me a piece of bread. So I had a grilled chicken sandwich at CFA (Chick-fil-A) and fruit. None of which is keto. I promptly opened my WW app and logged my meals for the day.

There’s a burger in there somewhere!

I hadn’t had fruit in almost two weeks either. I was doing Keto because Naren decided this was something he could do. Of course he could…he would only have to cut out bread and sweets from his diet. It’s the first time he’s tried to eat better since his ankle surgery so I wanted to be super supportive. I’ve pulled a million keto friendly recipes and made quite a few.

I know I needed more fat in my diet but the scale is moving in the wrong direction. I need to stop the scale from moving up instead of down. So, it’s back to what I know works and I will still prepare meals for him that are friendly to his diet and I’m back to counting points (and eating bread AND fruit). Not to mention that I REALLY want a tomato sandwich!

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