This addition of Mickey Mouse Monday is brought to you by…..our registration confirmation to the all new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Annual Passholder Preview! To say I’m excited is an understatement. Honestly, we level-set ourselves to believe we may not get the opportunity to attend the preview party which makes it all the more sweet.

So here’s how it went down. Thursday morning at 11 am, I received the email notification that we could register. I clicked the link and sent a text to Naren to let him know the email arrived (in case he was in a meeting and didn’t see it). what you had to do was leave the broswer open (it refreshed itself every 60 seconds) until you got “in” to register. That was the LONGEST 22 minutes of waiting. I’m seeing this whole patience thing is a theme in my life lately.

Once the registration popped up, I had to login to My Disney Experience and could register up to three people, all with current, annual passes. To my surprise, only the first day was sold out (so far–the even is sold out now). I registered the three of us for Sunday in the 5 pm to 9 pm slot. While I am aware it could be storming (summer afternoon and evening storms are always possible), I am also keenly aware of how Disney takes careful consideration into how a “land” looks at night. Toy Story land comes to mind. If you’ve not seen it at night…you should. It’s so cool all lit up. While it won’t be dark, it will be dusk by the time we’re finished and that should be a beautiful sight.

Now, do we wear some of our running costumes for the event or nah? I mean, we’ve run the Star Wars Run Disney weekends since they started (I skipped last year for my bff’s bachelorette weekend). We’ve got the goods.

Stay tuned to read about our adventure in the middle of next month. We can’t wait!

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