I am having the hardest time getting my healthy groove back. I’m still not in the mood to exercise or eat healthy ALL the time. Sure, I eat pretty well most of the time, but not all the time. I seem to be caught somewhere between Keto and Weight Watchers and honestly, neither of them are working for me right now.

Plus, my desire to start training for my next Half in November is nil. Nada. Zip. None. I’ve walked the dogs twice this week. That counts a little, right? Sometimes, though, my pace is so slow that even my Apple watch doesn’t count it as exercise. It’s frustrating. And, of course, when I feel like exercising, it’s at the most inconvenient time of day…like in the middle of the work day. I want to get back to 2018 me, not 2019 me. And honestly, I’m frustrated because I have no motivation.

I keep thinking I’m going to get started again, but then I decide that’s not what I want. AND…it doesn’t help that I have reached that age where my metabolism is coming to a screeching halt. I mean, how do women in their 50’s stay thin? The only thing I can come up with is they work out like crazy and NEVER eat. My genetics aren’t predisposed to being thin either. The only thing I got from my stick thin grandmother was her nose. And by the way, she’d go to Wendy’s and order a baked potato that she would use for TWO meals. So I know how she stayed thin. A potato and cigarettes. I digress.

So, in conclusion…..ha ha ha…I need some damn motivation. I need a gym partner. I need something. I need to feel like I did when I started at Fit Hub in 2017. I was ready to commit to being healthier and I was committed to showing up. Right now, I’m in a committed relationship with my sofa. We meet up every evening around 6:30 and hang out until bedtime. This is what my mom would say is an unhealthy relationship. Sofa is not the kind of friend I should be hanging out with in the evenings.

How do you stay motivated? Clearly signing up for half marathons is no longer working for me as motivation.

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