Well, for my first month of taking inventory of my single-use plastic USE….it was eye-opening. Some may even think it would be overwhelming to make any changes, but I am far too realistic for that nonsense. I know what we are doing is bad for the planet. I also know it’s going to take more than just me to make a BIG difference. Yet, I know even small changes in my own habits WILL make a difference.

I’ve made some small changes, but I know there are more that can be made. I have gotten better at taking reusable bags to the grocery store. I’ve given up the plastic straw. That INCLUDES my Chick-fil-a straw. My stainless and silicone straws arrived last week and I now keep them in my purse. Well, I keep two in my purse. These smoothie size straws have also been helpful in getting my water intake UP!! If I don’t have them with me, I just go without. It’s just easier that way.

While these are only baby steps, the biggest step is awareness. I encourage you to take a month of inventory on every bit of plastic you use. And I am not talking about your computer or laptop being made of plastic, I am talking about SINGLE-USE plastics like disposable silverware and single serving cups. I hate to go to place and they hand me a clear “Solo” cup for water. I have realized I should have just brought my own. Honestly, I’d rather get a paper cup than a plastic one. While I’m not giving up my CFA cups (they are styrofoam) just yet, I do want to work towards it. I would love to see my favorite places offer reusable cups for purchase. I would definitely purchase a Yeti-style cup from CFA. A large white one with that big red chicken head on it….and include a red silicon straw. Hmm…are you listening CFA?

I have already been looking at portable, reusable silverware to keep with me when I go eat at places that only offer plastic ware. Nothing makes me cringe more than using a plastic fork once. And that was long before I started really looking at making a purchase. I take my own silverware to work in a cloth napkin (I think I mentioned this last week).

So, what now? I could just as easily go back to where I was. OR, I can continue to make small changes and challenge everyone to make a small effort to reduce their plastic use. I have already started planning out in my head how I can implement cloth napkins into every day use and not just at work. There are many changes you can make, but don’t get overwhelmed. Little steps can help make big progress. And that’s all that matters.

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  1. We should all be challenging each other, and the companies we buy from/eat at!

    CFA needs to let those cups go! They refill clean cups you bring on your own, right? I can’t remember the last time I went to CFA so I have no idea.

    Love your straw bag!

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