So, a couple of week’s ago I wrote about trying to complete a few pieces for and upcoming art show, the Art of the Bicycle. While I did work on two pieces and even finished one. I decided not to submit them. I felt like they were rushed. One, a pastel, was really just a rough draft to see if I could create it.

Since I mentioned I would share them closer to the show, I thought I would go ahead and share them now. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted the pastel…still a work in progress…on Saturday. Here are both pieces. The first, in my signature design–watercolor buildings. This is the Bicycle Toy and Hobby shop in High Point, NC. Owned and operated by the Jennings family. Every bike I’ve ever owned (a total of five) have come from this store. The second, is a pastel of my sister on her first big girl bike. And yes, you guessed it….it came from Bicycle Toy and Hobby, too.

I love pastels, but rarely work on them at home. First, they are messy. Messier than any paint. Second, pastels are very loose to me. I like precise and pastel work is much harder to me. As with anything, though, practice makes perfect. I hope to so some more practicing on my pastels. Maybe even create a full show of them in the future.

While I love this pastel of my sister, the Bicycle Toy and Hobby building is my favorite. I love capturing the history of my hometown more than anything. This was fun to paint, too. Maybe I’ll enter them in the show next year.

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