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Just One Decision Away

I was talking to someone the other day and the topic of being busy came up. Everyone is busy. Seriously, I have worked in volunteer organizations where people would say, “I can’t, I’m to busy.” You know what? EVERYONE IS BUSY.

The difference here is in how we prioritize our lives. What we want to do. What we might do. What we definitely don’t want to do. We aren’t really looking at it as prioritizing, but as a DO and DON’T list. All the rest is just noise. Loud and distracting noise. That noise is what keeps us stuck. Not moving forward or backward. Just STUCK. The middle ground where we aren’t making decisions that best suit our needs. But WHY? Why aren’t we making the important decisions that help us stay the course?

Well, one reason is fear. We are flat-out afraid to make a decision because it might be wrong. Have you ever heard that not making a decision is still making a decision? Wrong or right, it’s better to make a decision than to end up like the flat squirrel. The road to indecision is paved with flat squirrels.

Another reason is we aren’t clear with what we truly want. Whether it’s lunch or life….we must be clear with our intentions or we will always question our decisions. Clarity brings forth ideas for forward motion. It also brings excitement AND fear, but most definitely KNOWING where we’re going is so much better than floundering around.

It’s taken me years to figure out my path as an intuitive life coach, but once I accepted it and started talking about it…I am not sure anything or anyone can stop me now. Am I scared? Yes, but I’m also very excited. What Gail would call, SCARED-CITED! I know things are going to grow and change and I am here for all of it.


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