I AM! As promised, I showed up at my WW workshop on Saturday. It was tough facing the music, but I was there. I was up a bit since January….the last time I had shown up for a weigh-in and a meeting. I was up 6 pounds -SIX – since my last weigh-in at the end of March!! I would love to tell you I was surprised, but I’ve been on this ride before and I wasn’t shocked. I had been eating off plan forever and had basically stopped working out at all since November. So, you get what you give and I was giving a whole lot of junk food and a whole lot of lazy!

To be honest, I have put on 24 pounds since May. About half of that since November. Mind you, back then, I had lost 30 pounds and I was 20 pounds from goal. Slowly but surely, I was sliding out of habit…and out of control. I was allowing myself things I knew weren’t good for me, but they tasted like heaven. That is, if heaven tastes like sugar and chocolate, pizza and cheeseburgers with ALL THE FRIES. People were saying, don’t lose anymore, you’ll look sick. Well, being overweight will make one sick in the long run. So, I am getting my shit together and giving myself the proverbial kick in the pants! Speaking of pants, I have these pants that I wore all last spring that I can’t button right now. I have goals and wearing those pants are at the top of the list.

I started back to counting WW points upon my return from vacation last Tuesday, so I feel like Saturday’s weigh-in could have been worse, but I was ready to get back on track and eat better. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. What’s that saying? Garbage in, garbage out? Not to mention, I have always come home from a running vacation having lost 5 pounds. Not this time. I was up 5 pounds and that was seriously discouraging. Some of it was bloat, sure. A lot of it was gone by Saturday before weigh-in. Yet, the current sitch on the scale…..not surprising. We ate well this trip and more than usual. We even had table service Saturday night at the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian. A post for another time, but it was fabulous. The more we go to Disney, the more foods we find and try (thank you Disney Food Blog and Ear to Ear Magic for all the suggestions–find them on Instagram @disneyfoodblog and @eartoearmagic). Below are two pics from Japan and Germany–my two favorite pavilions for food!

So, I gave myself a pep talk and got my self a blue dot on Saturday. I even rolled over an extra point. Visiting with friends in town from Apex/Cary for a soccer game at Guilford College helped with that savings, too. I drank a ton of water and ate a fabulous grilled chicken salad instead of a cheeseburger. I got the Disney bloat under control. Heck, with all that water, my skin is looking amazing! Sunday, I had breakfast out with some girlfriends, one in town from Charlotte. I could definitely make a habit of Sunday breakfast with friends. Oh, and I am working toward 30 minutes of moving every day….at least 5 days a week. Since Disney, it’s been 30 minutes of walking the dogs, but it’s a start and everyone is happy!

I am feeling inspired and I look forward to having a successful weigh-in this Saturday. It’s still 3 days away, but I am motivated and I’m looking for new recipes and tips and tricks.

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  1. Jennifer East

    Your hard work, determination and honesty is such an inspiration! I have been using slenderkitchen.com lately for recipe inspiration. They offer WW points with their recipes. They provide weekly meal plans. Good luck sweet friend!

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