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The Bitch is Back!

Well, if by bitch, I mean my podcast, then yes….she’s back! Season 2, episode 1 is live on ITunes, Spotify, and Amazon. I struggled to get back to working on the podcast. There was more work to be done on me. I am certainly not finished with the work, but I am in a better headspace with a clear path.

Today’s episode is all about getting out of your own way. As humans, we set goals, have dreams, make plans, but at some point, fear sets in and we throw up road blocks on our path to our happy destiny. It is in digging through our traumas and all of the emotional hurts that we uncover the fear and remove the blocks. It’s by working on ourselves that we are able to arrive at our highest good.

Did you know anger is a mask for pain? it is. When I find myself being angry, I realize I need to work on me and dig through some stuff. That may include yoga and meditation or journaling. A lot of times, I am not even sure what’s bothering me. What I do know is every time I figure out a small piece of the puzzle, I move forward toward my higher self. And it feels GOOD to let it all go, take up space, and love life.

So, for today, let’s let go of our anger and our pain. Let’s let go of those blocks and see what we can create to move our lives forward. What would you do if you could do anything? Would you still work in your chosen career or would you do something totally different? We all have hopes and dreams and goals. What are you doing to move forward toward your goals? I’d love to know….so leave a comment or shoot me an email.


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  1. Snow Brenner

    Please send me a link to the podcast!

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