I’ve been feeling less than enthusiastic about WW the last few weeks. I’m sure this hasn’t gone unnoticed. I haven’t blogged about it….at….all. I haven’t posted any fabulously healthy meals….I’m not really eating anything healthy enough to share that isn’t boring. I have been MIA from the WW lifestyle. I’ve felt so frustrated with myself and I’m not so sure it’s not a touch of seasonal depression. I need some vitamin D, stat! I’ll be honest, I haven’t gone to weigh-in the last two weeks. I got the “we miss you email” from them yesterday. Can you say guilty, guilty, guilty? I’ll be away this weekend, too. So, I’ll miss it again this coming Saturday. And so we are all on the same page….I’ll be at Walt Disney World (again). There will be no points counted there either. Best thing about the trip is that we walk, walk, walk, and then, we walk some more. We do not, I repeat, do not take the trams in from the parking lots. Our family motto is, “Trams are for suckers.” And people with small children. And for me, when I’m tired or my back hurts after walking so much and being out of shape. But mostly, we do not take the trams.

I digress. I know. I know. WW won’t work for me if I am not going to those meetings. I know that going to the meetings are the most important part….only second to tracking my food. Oh, yeah….I’m not doing that either. I’m eating what I want and trying to dial around my brain to recognize when I’m hungry vs when I’m eating about of boredom or worse, eating my emotions. I have my annual physical next week, so I feel like I can discuss this with my doctor (especially since I have put on weight since I stopped running regularly–hell doing any exercise regularly). I am hoping we can figure out what the issue is so I can get back on track. I’d like to get to goal weight by the time we tie the knot next spring. It will certainly make the runs easier, too.

So, now that I’ve come clean, I’d like to highlight a couple of accounts I follow on Instagram that really inspire me. People that don’t give up….they just keep going even when it’s not easy. I tend to be all or nothing. I’m getting better about it, but sometimes I get in a rut and these people remind me that this is life….not just a rut.

Stephanie at Holy Crap I’m Fat. There is no one better to show you when you might be taking yourself too seriously. She also has a YouTube channel. You should check her out. (**note, while looking up her links, I realized that I have only been following her on my personal IG and not my LMA IG…that has been corrected–>and added).

Debbie at WW Works 4 Me. Debbie is a WW Ambassador and has an amazing story. I want arms like Debbie. This will require me to go to the gym. I’m still on the fence with exercise, but I know I will get back to it soon.

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  1. Deborah Stanton

    Girl, I love your honesty and sincerity. We all get stuck. Keep reaching out, keep writing, keep searching…no magic formula but you definitely have the tenacity and the right ingredients 💪🏻💪🏻

    • Thank you!! It’s all about being being real for me. And it’s not only happening to me! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it! 💚

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