Well, I’m still not tracking or weighing in, but I am making a conscientious effort to be mindful. I decided to give myself a break when I started medication for mild depression to see if I could right the ship before jumping back in full steam ahead. So far, it’s worked out well. I usually eat about half my meal and have the rest later–at the next meal or next opportunity. I don’t ever want to eat so much that I feel stuffed.

I’m also allowing myself ice cream and chocolate. I’m not limiting it or even trying to eat lighter fair. I’m allowing it all without restriction. The ice cream part may be my downfall, though!! Summertime and ice cream just go hand in hand. I’ve had more milkshakes in the last two weeks than I care to mention, but with everything else, I usually take two or three snack times to eat the entire thing. I don’t eat it all in one sitting.

My scale has stopped the upward, tally-ho it was making and I feel like moderation is much easier to manage these days. That said, I would like to get through an entire month with my middle-aged raging hormone cycle to see if I truly have balance. So the next two weeks will be key. I’ll pray for the best. I’m hoping by July I will be able to get back to my regular WW meeting and get back on track and on a healthier eating plan.

I’ll hope for the best today and keep being mindful!

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  1. Girl… so proud of u for the grace u give yourself… and ur transparency about it all! ❤️

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