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WW Wednesday – Keto Update

Here I am after week 3 of Keto. Some days it’s hard because I start to obsess over bread. All I want is a PB-and-J-on-white-bread obsession. Then, it passes and I eat something else to pacify my craving. It also helps to chug a ton of water at one time to fill your belly. I have found that some of my cravings come from the fact that I’m just thirsty. When I am busy at work, I sometimes forget to drink my water. So, next week, I’ll be back to toting my giant water jug to help hold me accountable for my water intake. Sometimes my desk looks like my kitchen counter by the sink….there’s more water bottles and cups than there should be!

So, I really buckled down this week and went from lazy keto to pay-attention-to-it-all Keto. Most days were great but others, I was too high in fat and not enough protein. I never thought I would have issues getting enough protein, but I do. In the mornings, I like to mix my cold brew coffee with a Premier Protein shake (caramel) and my Perfect Keto Ketones. This honestly keeps me satisfied ALL morning. It’s also getting me 30g’s of protein right off the bat. I try not to drink any of it until I’ve fasted for no less than 13 hours. Every night, I shoot for a 7 pm cut-off, but there are times when I probably haven’t gotten enough protein and I’m still hungry at 8. Either way, I like to have something by 9 in the morning. At least start it….but that protein and calorie count definitely breaks the fast. I will have a cup of HOT coffee with Whipping Cream before I leave the house, but the calorie intake is under 50 calories and shouldn’t break my fast.

This past weekend, we started experimenting more with Chaffles. These are egg and cheese (mozzarella) waffles. They are the BOMB and have a million different uses. These things have you covered. I feel like I’ve just discovered the most important part of eggs! These are also great for WHATEVER diet you’re on and can easily be counted on WW. You can make savory OR sweet ones. If you follow me on Pinterest, almost every single keto thing I save is some kind of sweet. You can take the sugar out of the girl, but the girl still has a sweet tooth!

Whether I’m eating them with my sausage and Monkfruit maple flavored syrup or eating them like sandwich bread, they are delish! I saw something about adding taco meat on top like a sloppy joe or even a fabulous alternative to the bread for a tuna melt. It all sounds good to me!!

I know there will be more experimenting in the future…especially after I saw the Oreo ones with cream cheese icing filling. MMMM! If you want to find out more, watch Serious Keto on YouTube. He has got it down to an art.

You can also follow me on Pinterest. Here’s my keto board. It’s very slim, but it’s growing every day and I am always looking for new things to try. It’s honestly what keeps any meal prep and dining options exciting!

Tune in next week…..cause we FINALLY bought an air fryer!

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