I know I’ve mentioned I’m reading Rachel Hollis’ latest book, Girl, Stop Apologizing. I recently read through the chapter on creating good habits. I know how to create good habits, but I have a hard time sticking to those habits. Before I know it, I’m right back in the same rut I was in before. It’s a vicious circle!

I just returned from a Run Disney vacation where, let’s face it, I walked A LOT. More than I ran either race. I will say I have gotten myself to view a 10K as easy. A half marathon, not so much. I mean, the first half of it is great (see what I mean about a 10K??). Its the last half that sucks. November was MUCH easier and even February was a little easier. I did after all, leave the castle with some bling. I also had to coach a co-worker to the finish line. Just like I did with my first half, she hit a wall. She wanted to give up, but I knew she had it in her. Hell, she had been training since the summer. Far more that I had, that’s for sure.

So upon my return from Florida, I upped my water intake to 120+ ounces a day. Clean out my system. Get myself hydrated. So far so good. For the last two days, I drank more than 100 ounces of water. It’s amazing how much better I feel being hydrated. That’s a good habit that I am happy to create.

Now, it’s time to get back on track and eat better. Not really eat clean, but I’ll get there. Or I’ll at the very least get better! It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been a lot better than it has been. You see, I’m an emotional eater. If I have emotions, good or bad, I feed them. My favorite boss of all time resigned back in January and I have been an emotional wreck since. I haven’t really talked about it. I would say things like, oh, we’ll be fine. She taught us well and we can manage. And for the work load, sure, we have managed. What she did that you didn’t realize was constantly build you up, give you confidence in what you’re doing, and basically be a sounding board for your hopes, dreams, joys, and frustrations and run interference. Anyway, losing someone that has become like family to you can be hard. Much harder than I imagined. And I have eaten every fear, worry, and frustration. Usually in the form of chocolate, cake, cookies, candy, and fried food.

That comfort food thing…..it’s real. Food brings me comfort. I eat my feelings. Happy? Let’s have cake! Sad? Let’s have casserole! Anxious? Let’s eat candy! It’s a vicious cycle that, for me, is difficult to resist. I am working hard this month to change that habit. I’ve mentioned before that you only exchange one addiction for another. Man, was my life awesome when I was addicted to fitness! HA! I want to exchange the emotional eating for emotional walking or emotional yoga. Something that will give me the same feeling of satisfaction without the guilt of eating half a cake.

What are some of your habits that you want to change? What are you doing to make the change? I am going to continue to hold myself accountable and make myself a priority. If I don’t feel well, I’m not living well.

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